He Made Me Feel Like a Somebody

Bill Reichardt

One scene stood out from all the rest after the funeral of my grandfather, Bill Reichardt, in 2004. We had returned home to my parents’ house, gathered around on the couch in the main room, in full grief mode. There was a knock at the door. My dad answered the door and let the visitor in.

The visitor was in his Sunday best: purple suit, lavender shirt, bright purple tie and hat. His shoes showed their wear.

The visitor took off his hat, walked a few steps forward and said, “I just wanted to tell Bill Reichardt’s family what he meant to me. I’m a nobody, but Bill always made me feel like somebody.”

Soon after, our visitor left our home, but he never left our hearts. There was no car in the driveway or on the street; he had walked quite a distance to share his story with us.

A few years before our visitor, I had a dream of writing a book about how Bill Reichardt made a difference in the lives around him in the Iowa state legislature, in city politics, in the small business market, in the juvenile delinquency system, and in my life. I thought I had plenty of time to spend with Bill, so I shelved that dream during that season because life was busy. In 2004, my biggest life regret was that I did not follow through on my dream. I couldn’t turn back time.

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Was Bill perfect? Far from it. But he would talk to someone who felt like a nobody and make them feel like a somebody.

One of the main characters in The Best Seller book is Bill Reichardt, former NFL player and owner of the prestigious apparel store Reichardt’s on 42nd Street.

“I’m Bill Reichardt and I own the store”

We can’t turn back time, but we can still follow those dreams that we thought we lost. 

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My grandmother