Dear 2020 Graduate

Katie Graduation

Dear 2020 Graduate, It’s a tough time to find a job, says Captain Obvious. But, you are not alone. Many have traveled this road before you in the last two decades. I graduated college in 2001, after the dot-com bust of 2000 when the market tanked. I did land a job in Boston after months of searching, for which I … Read More

The Key To Your Job Search May Not Be Online


Accelerating your career search through favorable access. 3 Steps to change your job hunt trajectory. Life transitions can be tough. Whether it’s a move, a career jump or a dive back into the workforce after taking some time off, there’s no doubt it is intimidating. Where do you start? What do you want to do with this next chapter? How … Read More

What is Favorable Access?

favorable access

Favorable access is when your prospect knows you, your company and/or your product. Favorable access is also transferable. The question is how to create and transfer favorable access from company leaders to your sales team through marketing, advertising, PR, and current customer’s referrals.  We wrote a book all about how to leverage favorable access in business, sales and life. Connect … Read More