Here We Go!

Bungee Jump

THANK YOU.  Thank you, each one of you, for being with me on this book launch journey.  I didn’t realize how vulnerable I’d feel launching this. It felt like I was doing a wild trust fall.

It reminded me of when I bungee jumped off of the “Pipeline” bridge when I was 18, not knowing if that bungee cord, tied with a towel (yep, a towel), was going to catch me.

It did. And you did. Thank you for being my bungee cord and catching me on this trust fall.

After that bungee jump, I felt exhilarated. I survived. And I thought to myself, That was fun! And I think I looked like a pro out there!  

Oh no, I didn’t. I went to watch the video of my bungee jump at the Pipeline store. The store was packed. The worker pointed to me and pushed in my VHS tape to show on the screen.  Off I jumped, doing a swan dive. I bounced.

Then, the entire store heard my loud screams of terror and watched my body and arms flailing in all directions.  I looked like a crazy fool bird whose wings wouldn’t work while trying to fly.  Definitely not the pro I thought I was. It’s funny how I had blocked out the part when I was terrified. But the VHS tape showed that very clearly.

So here goes!  I’m no pro at this book launch game, I’m going to look like a fool at times (no doubt), but sometimes we have to follow those crazy dreams and see what happens.

Thank you for taking this jump with me. I’m going to do my best to bring content that is helpful, inspiring, and useful in your life. I won’t hit the mark all the time, but I hope some of it will land on your screen when you need it.  Please like or share anything that is of value to you and what might help someone else.


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